Why I Love The WWE

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I started watching wrestling around the time I was becoming a teenager and I fell in love with the spectacle and how grandiose it feels. Everything you see seems larger than life. Even guys like Rey Mysterio or Daniel Bryan that physically wouldn’t be much bigger than the average male did things in the ring that you would never see the average male do and looked out of this world doing it. There are many reasons why I enjoy watching the WWE.

I love music, and although I don’t particularly care for some superstars entrance themes I do like how most of the songs fit the personality very well. There are some theme songs though that I absolutely adore and could listen to all day on youtube without the need to turn wrestling on. What I love is when the music and the spectacle of them coming out mesh so well. I don’t particularly like the Bray Wyatt theme song but the way it meshes with his character and adds to how you feel when you watch him walk out make for something spectacular to watch. The Undertakers theme and entrance is another example of how the two can mesh together to create one of the most memorable things you will ever see.

I love the promos. A lot of people hate the opening twenty minute promo segments every raw and although I won’t say that I don’t prefer they stick with the point and not drag on to much sometimes or that I wouldn’t like them to mix it up sometimes but I think that giving people promo time adds to the emotion and energy of the in ring product. I like to know what they’re thinking, why they’re fighting, and what they’re fighting for. I think the promos allow you to gain a deeper connection with the superstar as it allows you to bond with them for a moment and gives you more reason to either like or dislike someone.

I can’t talk about loving wrestling without enjoying the actual wrestling part. I love all styles of wrestling. My favorite wrestler always has been Triple H. I love his methodical style of picking you apart slowly and finishing you off with one of the best finishers ever. I also love the high flying high intensity style like how Daniel Bryan used to fly around the ring jumping around like a gymnast. The finishing move that Neville uses is absolutely breathtaking and awes me every time I see it. I like to see big behemoths brawling and hardcore guys going crazy with all their weapons. As long as the style they’re employing looks as real as possible and fits the character I can find appreciation with it.

My favorite moments are when they make you double take and think, was that real ? Everyone knows it’s scripted and everything is predetermined but sometimes they do things that make you question that fact and those are the best moments to be a fan. My favorite example of that is the CM Punk pipe bomb segment a few years back. When he sat at the top of that entrance ramp and started airing his grievances about the state of the company it really felt like something he would really say and think and it got you wondering did he really just go off script because he’s legit tired of the politics ? When they cut his mic off and just abruptly ended the show me and my friends were legit wondering if we were gonna hear the next day that CM Punk got fired. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone got angry with their place of employment aired their grievances in front of everyone and either walked out or got fired. That was one of my favorite storytelling moments in WWE history because of the fact that for a moment it didn’t feel scripted.  Storytelling is one of my favorite things about the WWE.

Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling is what this world is all about from movies to music to books, even your own life is one continuous story. Even when I don’t have any personal attachment to a particular story I still enjoy seeing where they are going with it because you never know if a story will start off so-so and end up being amazing. Daniel Bryan fans did not like the direction his story was going from when he lost his championship to Randy Orton at SummerSlam to right before he won the WWE world heavyweight championship but I bet they all loved it once it culminated in him winning the title at WrestleMania. Are we going to love every story the WWE tells ? Of course not. We’re all different and have different likes and dislikes but what we can all have is respect for the fact that the story being told may not be for you but will be for someone to enjoy, and there are always going to be stories told that we will enjoy.

Is the WWE perfect ? Of course not. You’re never going to love everything the way someone else does or see things the way someone else does but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace what you do like and look past certain times that may not be for you.  I see a lot of parallels between love of the WWE and love of your best friend. You aren’t always going to agree with what your best friend does/chooses to do or how he behaves but you will always stand by him because not only will you always have the memories of your good times together but you understand that there are going to be bad times with the good times. If you don’t like the direction they are going currently be patient as they will correct things in your eyes eventually.

What are the reasons you guys love the WWE ? Feel free to comment and start a discussion about your favorite things.


My Farewell Tribute To Daniel Bryan

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.

What can I really say that hasn’t already been said about how great or memorable Daniel Bryan was ? Nothing I can say will really do justice to the man who entertained many of people for almost two decades but I’d be very ungrateful for what he did if I didn’t at least leave a few kind words.

I remember when I first noticed Daniel Bryan when he was getting ready to wrestle the Miz for the United States title at Night of Champions 2010. I had never seen Ring of Honor wrestling at that point or any other promotion that he wrestled in prior to joining the WWE so I wasn’t to familiar with his work up until that point. I have since seen a lot of his work prior to joining the WWE and it is well worth checking out but that’s not the point I want to address. He had a brief stint in NXT which I never saw and an even more brief stint in the Nexus faction which didn’t really stand out that much to me.

It’s funny to think back now at how different he looked without all that hair on his head and face. He had an all american good guy look like one of those guys who never does anything wrong and always has a smile on his face. One of the things that really caught my attention though is once that bell rung he was a pitbull in the ring. He flew around the ring like he had wheels under his feet and he exuded so much intensity with the way he just went after people despite his size.

When he started chanting YES and NO it almost seemed annoyingly cheesy, although that may have been the point all along. Those chants, especially the YES chant, caught on like wildfire with the fans they absolutely ate it up. It was such a simple yet very catchy chant that grew on me over time.

His run with team Hell/No was probably the greatest point in his career for me. I loved how funny he was opposite Kane with all the Dr. Shelby skits and especially the hug it out skits. I personally don’t care as much about who holds certain titles as much as I do about talent being put in positions where their entertainment value is at its highest and that was it for me.

The story they told as he was pursuing the WWE title and winning it at Wrestlemania was very compelling to this writer. The only thing I wish I could have seen with him was the story they would’ve told once he got to the top of the mountain as the only heavyweight champion on the roster. Although I’ll never get that story I’ll still have all the moments I did enjoy with him.

You could see how passionate he was about the business every time he stepped in the ring. He never took a night off or failed to give 110% of himself every time he stepped in a ring. He showed us the meaning of hard work and dedication and we should all be grateful for that.

I really just wanted to say thank you Daniel Bryan. Thank you for showing us what you can accomplish when you are truly passionate about something. Thank you for showing us that dreams can come true. Thank you for showing us that even when something you love almost more than life itself is taken away from you that you can still find happiness in something or someone else. Thank you Daniel Bryan; there will never be another like you. Best wishes in your future endeavors and hopefully we will see you down the road again in some capacity.

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Why Should Roman Reigns Turn Heel

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The face/heel dynamic in the WWE is at an interesting point in history. With advancements in technology and peoples understandings of how the business works increasing as a result, peoples acceptance of who the WWE wants to be a heel or a face doesn’t always match. This is the reality era where people boo faces and cheer heels so what can they do about that ?

People in todays world don’t just accept whomever the WWE wants to push as a face or a heel. What people want is to like who they want to like and boo who they want to boo. Its not necessarily always the person they do or don’t like it’s the personality that said person portrays that attracts or deters people. When the WWE sees the reactions of the fans to the personalities of the talent they should allow said talent to adjust their personality more to fit the reactions of the fans.

A perfect example of allowing talent to tailor their personalities to the reactions they are getting is The New Day. The WWE wanted them to be good guys who smile a lot and preach positivity but the people did not like their personalities and booed them, in return the WWE allowed them to change the dynamic of their personalities to fit the reactions they were getting. No-one would respond well to being booed when they are trying to be nice guys so it’s a normal progression for a personality to change when they aren’t getting the desired reaction.

A reaction is better than no reaction. If people are booing you or cheering you then that is much better than not getting any reaction at all. When a superstar isn’t getting the desired reaction instead of trying to fight the reaction they are getting they should be allowed to embrace the reaction and do things to make that reaction louder. If people are already booing you then giving them more of a reason to boo you is only going to make the reaction louder.

You have to let people be the best versions of themselves. Roman Reigns right now is at his best when he is a bad guy who does bad things because he looks like a guy who would do that. It’s very unnatural for him to continue trying to placate the fans when they clearly don’t like him. He should respond to their dislike and become more unlikable. It’s very possible that the only way people will ever like him is by allowing him to do what he does best, being a bad guy doing bad things, and then one day they’ll come to love that so much that they’ll want to cheer him.

It’s 100% the choice of the WWE who they want to push and what they want to push them as and what stories they want to tell on their programming show, however, if you want to maximize the potential of your product it’s important for them to do the best they can to satisfy the desires of their audience. If the people don’t like what they are seeing that’s less money and success for the WWE.

In conclusion, instead of caring whether or not people cheer or boo the WWE should just let the talents personalities shine and evolve as the crowd reacts to them being how they are. Allowing the fans to embrace the characters as they want to could allow for a deeper connection with the talent and more love for the product. Roman Reigns would be at his best as a merciless villain who dominated the product a la Brock Lesnar. Please WWE allow him to embrace the hate.

Most compelling idea for The Undertakers opponent at WrestleMania

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.

Back when I was a much younger version of myself and looked at the WWE superstars as if they were larger than life superheroes my favorite WWE event of the year was by far the King of the Ring Tournament. My father took me to the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC in June of 1999 for my very first live WWE event and OMG did it wow me. Watching these guys put their bodies on the line just to become the King of the Ring was amazing to watch and you could really tell these guys were willing to do whatever it took to win that prize. I recently reflected on that experience and wondered why they don’t utilize tournaments very often anymore as it is such a good way to really accentuate certain prizes.

There has been much speculation as to who will be and should be the opponent for one of the most decorated superstars in WWE history at the event he has dominated for over twenty years, WrestleMania. WWE has had a plenitude of injuries recently such as John Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara, etc. Many of these superstars not only would make interesting WrestleMania opponents for possibly one of the last matches we will see The Undertaker wrestle but one of them was heavily rumored to be penciled in as The Undertakers opponent this year. There have been several other names thrown around over the last few weeks and the suspense of people wanting to know who he will face this year is almost overwhelming for most of his fans.
Wrestling The Undertaker at this point in his career, especially in a match at WrestleMania, is a huge deal and is something any WWE superstar would love to have on his resume; so why not do something to show how important it is to the guys in the locker room and feature a tournament allowing eight or more superstars to vie for the right to face him this year.

This tournament could do a lot of things for WWE programming during the course of Wrestlemania season. It would be a good way to use the suspense of who The Undertaker will face at WrestleMania to fuel and add a lot more intrigue to WrestleMania season because we’ll know exactly which superstars will have the opportunity to face him. It also would be a good way to show how much of a prize it is to have the opportunity to face him at WrestleMania.  We all know The Undertaker doesn’t make a lot of appearances on WWE programming leading up to Wrestlemania so instead of having to have one man carry the feud every week like Bray Wyatt did last year you would have the tournament be what hypes the possible match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania.  They could start the tournament a month before WrestleMania and have one match on each Raw and Smackdown leading up to the final Raw before WrestleMania where you’d have the finals of the tournament occur. After the final match occurs they could cue The Undertakers music for a face to face stare down to hype the match six days later.

Another thing the tournament could accomplish is to set up another feud or two for a match at WrestleMania. You could have two guys like Kevin Owen and AJ Styles meet in the second round and have such a competitive match that it ends in a double count out and sets up a rematch at WrestleMania. You could also have the same match happen and that be where Chris Jericho turns full heel and costs AJ the match setting up a feud between those two culminating at WrestleMania.

I think the tournament is something that would not only build a lot of intrigue to this years’ WrestleMania season but also would be a lot of fun to watch. Everyone loves a good tournament and it would give people something to look forward to each week as they pull for their favorite superstar to win and be able to face The Undertaker. Facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania is a prize in itself and should be treated as such; this is the best way to feature that.

What do you guys think about the idea ? Please comment, discuss, and debate this topic in the comments below.