Best Direction After A Shane McMahon Win Over The Undertaker

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.
This WrestleMania has a match between Shane McMahon and The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell. If Shane McMahon wins he gains control over Monday Night Raw but if he loses he will be gone forever. This writer thinks that Shane McMahon should win and this article will discuss the best way to accomplish that while giving a compelling storyline direction for the WWE post WrestleMania.

Shane McMahon is not an in-ring technician, meaning The Undertaker is going to have to play ring general during this match while allowing Shane to hit his traditional big spots. Vince and Stephanie McMahon need to be ringside the whole time so they can glare on smiling as The Undertaker dominates the whole match with a few small comeback attempts by Shane.

Just as everyone thinks there’s no way Shane is going to win the match out comes Finn Balor decked out in his demon paint/gear. He should slowly crawl out shocking the world and and distracting The Undertaker. While he is distracted out from under the ring come Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, Finn Balor’s cohorts in the Balor Club, to take out The Undertaker while Shane McMahon stares down his dad and sister smiling.

Shane McMahon should get the win with the help of the newly debuting Balor Club. This would be a great way to debut the Balor Club. Not only would this debut the demon in Finn Balor opposite The Undertaker but it would show the Balor Club is here to dominate WWE which is exactly the spot they should hold. Finn Balor is a top tier talent and should debut as such.

This should be the last match of the night because we will have already seen HHH lose his title and now we’ll close the show seeing him lose his position as an onscreen authority figure with a win by Shane McMahon.

The next night on Raw Shane McMahon comes out talking about how he played everyone and used the Balor Club to take over his dads company. This would allow The Authority, which has been heel for years now, to turn babyface. This would also shake up WWE by debuting the most dominant faction since The Shield and giving us a new heel in charge in Shane McMahon.

What they don’t need to do is have him talk about or act like he’s The Authority. We’ve already seen that for the last few years they should go in a different direction with this new heel faction. He can still give guys chances and do all the things he said he would leading up to the match at WrestleMania that way he doesn’t seem a lot like The Authority. He’ll reveal he made a deal with The Balor Club because he wanted to oust Stephanie, Vince, and HHH and in returns he’ll give them extra special treatment.

What do you guys think ? Should the Balor Club align themselves with Shane McMahon to debut with a vengeance or should they debut after WrestleMania as faces ?


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