Raw Review 3-7-16

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                                                         Shane McMahon Promo
Shane talks about the match and its implications. The people are very hot for Shane to take over Raw. It’s neat how he’s implementing things that people say in real life about the business in his speech to make it seem like he’s really trying to fix problems people see in the business. That’s a good way to cater to fan interest.

They tease Undertaker coming out just for Vince to come out. Vince continues his diatribe from last week and breaks a picture of him and Shane on the ground. Vince has security escort Shane out of the building but instead Shane fights them off in what looked like the fakest fight scene ever. This kinda showed how much of a non-performer Shane is when it comes to the actual fighting part.
                                                              Kevin Owens vs Neville
Mate is an Australian term not an term used by the British no ? This was a great match both these guys are excellent wrestlers with excellent chemistry. They had the closest three count for Neville I’ve seen in awhile it was awesome. Kevin Owens gets a quick rollup for a win and clutches his title like only he can.

Neville had a great rebound when he jumped over the top rope and was able to land on his feet after doing a flip when Kevin Owens moved out of the way. Neville’s high flying maneuvers are just breathtaking he is a daredevil like no other. I hope he gets a push for at least a midcard title very shortly after WrestleMania he deserves it.

After the match Kevin Owens attacks Neville until Sami Zayn comes out for the save. This is the first time we’ve seen Sami since the Rumble a lot of people have been waiting for him to make his main roster debut for awhile now. Zayn and Neville send Kevin Owens packing.
                                                  HHH Dean Ambrose Recap
They recapped last Monday’s interaction and fight between HHH and Dean Ambrose. I hope they allow Dean Ambrose to look good at Roadblock this weekend.

Dolph Ziggler and Stephanie McMahon had an interesting encounter backstage rehashing the Survivor Series Match from a year and a half ago. I always thought WWE dropped the ball when they didn’t let follow that win up with a push for Dolph Ziggler but maybe they’ll finally do that. I’m guessing this will just lead to the 1v3 match she set up instead.
                                              Brie Bella vs Summer Rae
This was a very short match. Brie Bella had the match in hand when Lana appeared distracting Brie long enough for Summer Rae to execute the worst rollup in history for the win.

After the match Lana attacks Brie and gives her a facebuster. Looks like we might finally get to see Lana wrestle a match. I don’t understand why she no longer comes out with Rusev.
                                                       Dean Ambrose Promo
Dean Ambrose comes out promoting the match at Roadblock trying to convince people he has a chance of winning the title. I love Dean when he talks he’s such a smartass it’s really funny.

HHH comes out to banter with Dean. He told HHH to suck it that was great. This battle of words leads to a match between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt later in the evening.

It’s interesting that they are giving him this chance in the spotlight while Roman is out because they are really showing why people like him more than Roman Reigns. As much as I love Dean getting this spot right now if the plan is to make Roman Reigns the face of the company over Dean they are not helping him out any at all.
                       Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus Wade Barrett and Rusev
As much as I do like a lot of the individual talent in the League of Nations they just don’t seem to mesh well together. Wade Barrett was the first elimination by Dolph Ziggler. Shortly after Sheamus brogue kicks Dolph and pins him.

They are obviously still treating the League of Nations like a joke. Even though they won there’s no reason Dolph should have been able to pin anyone in that match.
                                        Shane McMahon Career Highlights
They showed a lot of the past crazy moves Shane McMahon is known for showing us why we should give him a chance in his match with The Undertaker.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch had a backstage encounter where Becky called out Sasha for having a Nicki Minaj attitude. That was funny.
Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch vs Naomi and Tamina
This was another extremely short match for the women. Sasha gives Naomi the backstabber into the bank statement for the win. Charlotte comes out after and attacks Sasha and then takes out Becky Lynch.

This was a quick way to establish Charlotte as a vicious predator it was sad that it was at the expense of Naomi and Tamina looking bad in a short match.

It’s funny to see R-Truth, after weeks of denying Goldust advances, be the one trying to convince Goldust to be his partner. To bad Goldust butt would explode if he ate that pizza it looked very good. Mark Henry was there to benefit from Goldust not wanting the pizza.
                                    The New Day vs Y2AJ Tag Title Match
This was a great match even better than the last one they had together. The match was close with a lot of near falls. You thought the whole time either team could win. After a hard fought match The New Day wins a clean match.

I’m surprised that they won clean I thought for sure Chris Jericho would turn on AJ mid match and turn heel and that would be how the match would end but instead they had Chris show his frustration after the loss and attack AJ. It’s interesting that he would get mad considering he’s the one who lost the match but they’ve been hinting at this heel turn for awhile now so it was no surprise to see it happen.

AJ had a few breathtaking moves during the match he proved tonight why he deserves to be a main event player in WWE. It was great to see Chris Jericho stuff that shirt in AJ’s mouth that was an awesome heel move. It’s very refreshing to see Chris change his attitude he’s much better as a heel than he was as a face recently.
                                                     Kalisto vs Tyler Breeze
This was a quick match establishing Kalisto as worthy of holding that title. After the match Kalisto was giving a backstage interview when Ryback interrupted. The speech he gave was more like an angry face than a heel so maybe they’re slow-burning his heel turn instead of jumping him into being a heel.
Ryback vs Curtis Axel

This was another short match. Ryback came out beat up Curtis Axel and then left. If they are going to turn him heel it’s time for him to do something bad. At this point he seems more like just a mad babyface.
Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt
This was an entertaining match but not as good as some of their previous encounters. Just as you think Dean Ambrose is going to win the match the lights go out and the Wyatt Family appears on the ring apron. They attack and take out Dean Ambrose allowing Dean to win by disqualification.

After the attack out comes HHH while The Wyatt family looks on. As HHH stands over Dean Ambrose Bray Wyatt gets in HHH’s face and stares him down. The crowd eats this up showing how big of a babyface Bray Wyatt could be. Bray rubs the belt as if its what he wants and he walks away.

Bray Wyatt has long deserved a shot to be in the world title picture I hope they finally push him that way. This segment showed how much the crowd would love to see him there.

HHH teases throwing Ambrose through a table but gets hit with dirty deeds instead. Dean Ambrose holds up the world title as HHH lays fallen and the crowd erupts.

This was a good episode of Raw with a few great matches and interesting segments that geared more towards promoting Roadblock instead of WrestleMania. The best match of the night was the Y2AJ vs New Day match. If you have a few hours to spare definitely check this out.


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