Best Way To Determine New Heavyweight Champion on Monday Night Raw 7/25/16

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Dean Ambrose won the shield triple threat match at the BattleGround ppv last night, sending the WWE Championship to the Smackdown Live brand. Now that the WWE Championship is on the blue brand, the red brand needs a top prize for all it’s star talents. What is the best, most entertaining manner to declare a new champion ?

You have a ready made feud that would be a perfect way to introduce a new Heavyweight Championship to the red brand in Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. These guys have been feuding since Seth Rollins returned from injury a few months ago, and other than Dean Ambrose, they have been the last two WWE Champions.

Although this would be a great angle to run, that could culminate in a new World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam, a 1 on 1 feud between these two guys isn’t the best way to go about crowning a new World Heavyweight Champion. These guys have dominated the heavyweight championship scene for some time now, and even though having them fight for the title at SummerSlam would not be the worst decision, there is a better way.

They should have a tournament to crown a new champion. This tournament could accomplish several things. Having a tournament would make Monday Night Raw must see tv leading up to SummerSlam. They could plan it out so that you could have matches every week, and have the last two matches to determine the two competitors who will fight for the title at SummerSlam the Monday before SummerSlam. Prolonging the intrigue of who will be the next World Heavyweight Champion will drive up viewership, and increase excitement in the brand. It would also allow an opportunity to create new stars.

There are lots of stars that could be made with this tournament, and new feuds that could start as well. This would be a great way to introduce Finn Balor to the main roster, instantly establishing him as a main event player. You have talent who have never had a run in the main event that could also be established as main event players with a big run in the tournament, such as Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Cesaro. They should use this tournament to introduce the next wave of potential title contenders over the next year, while also establishing new feuds over the next few months.

Rollins and Reigns is too predictable, but not necessarily the worst option. It isn’t necessarily the worst option to have Rollins and Reigns be the final two competitors of this tournament, with one of them winning the new World Heavyweight Championship, but having people think along the way that someone else could have a chance would be much less predictable.

Let’s have some fun with this, and predict potential competitors and break-off feuds after the tournament. We’re gonna use some former WWE Champions, along with talent that has never won the title before, to create a compelling and engaging tournament.

This will be a 16 man tournament. The brackets and analysis will be determined below. As odd as it sounds, we aren’t going to include Brock Lesnar in this tournament, as he already has a feud for SummerSlam.

Bracket A
Seth Rollins vs Neville
Sami Zayn vs Rusev
Finn Balor vs Chris Jericho
Darren Young vs Big E
Bracket B
Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry
Braun Strowman vs Big Show
Kevin Owens vs Titus O’Neill
Cesaro vs Sheamus

The last time we had a Seth Rollins, Neville match it was incredible. This would be a great way to re-introduce Neville to the main roster after returning from injury. A great showing here would establish Neville as a main player for the red brand, while allowing him to have momentum heading into the cruiserweight division. This is for another article, but he should be the first Cruiserweight Champion.

Sami Zayn should get a clean roll-up win over Rusev here. Not only would this continue the momentum he has going right now, but it would also start a new feud between the two over the US Title. After losing to a quick roll-up, Rusev will be incensed. Rusev would attack Sami setting up a match for SummerSlam.

Finn Balor beating Chris Jericho would be a great way to start momentum for him on the main roster. Chris Jericho will not let this go lightly as we will see.

Darren Young should get a win over Big E. Big E is entrenched in the tag team scene, so he could afford a loss here to give Darren Young a big win.

Seth Rollins will meet Sami Zayn in the round of 8 and have an incredible match. Seth Rollins will win because Rusev will get involved.

Finn Balor and Darren Young will see similar circumstances. Chris Jericho isn’t going to like having lost to a new guy, so he will ensure Darren Young wins after another classic match. This will set up a Finn Balor, Chris Jericho feud, while also allowing a surprising run for Darren Young to the final four.

Seth Rollins should go to SummerSlam to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Champion, but not after helping establish Darren Young as a credible contender. This side of the bracket is set. We have established two new feuds, and made several talent look credible as we head into SummerSlam.

On the B side of the bracket, we’ll have Roman Reigns win an easy match against Mark Henry. Mark Henry is a former world champion, but is nearing the end of his career.

Braun Strowman and Big Show will fight to a no-contest, with no winner declared. This will be such a hard hitting match that both guys will get incensed. This would be a good first feud for Braun Strowman heading into SummerSlam. This would allow him to learn from a big guy, and former champion, while also helping to establish him as a monster. Who better than the Big Show to do that for Braun. People will be pissed that Roman Reigns gets a bye into the final four.

Kevin Owens, pissed about losing to Sami Zayn, and getting drafted so low, will demolish Titus O’Neill. It is time he establish his dominance.

Cesaro and Sheamus will have a great match with a clean win by Cesaro. He could use some momentum, along with someone to feud with over the next month or two. Many people may want him higher on the card, but there are to many people to establish right now ahead of him. He will get his turn, be patient.

Kevin Owens will beat Cesaro with help from Sheamus. Sheamus, angry after losing to Cesaro, will interfere setting up a future feud with Cesaro.

Kevin Owens should lose to Roman Reigns, after a classic match, to set up two things. Firstly, the main event of SummerSlam should be Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, set to end the rivalry for now. Secondly, this will be the final straw to make Kevin Owens explode.

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns would be a great main event for SummerSlam. Kevin Owens should have something to say about that though. After having fought for some time, with several near falls, Kevin Owens should come out and destroy both men. He would scream that the title belongs to him, and if he can’t fight for it then no-one will get it. It’s time Kevin Owens turn into a monster. He’s earned his time at the top, and he can enter the main event scene over the next few months. He would be a great choice as the first World Heavyweight Champion for the blue brand.

This is just one of many directions they can go to establish a new World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament could allow for many different combinations of matches and potential break-off feuds that would be really exciting.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this potential booking as much as I enjoyed writing it. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I love debate, and would love to debate with anyone who wants to re-imagine this scenario. Take care everyone, and check back tomorrow for another article.


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