Dolph Ziggler ? 7-31-16

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Why did the WWE choose Dolph Ziggler to face Dean Ambrose at the SummerSlam ppv this year ? He’s been stuck in the upper mid-card for several years now. Sure he’s had a few halfway decent runs as a midcard champion over the last few years, but nothing truly memorable.

Were they going for the ultimate shock ? They sure accomplished that. It looked like they were either prepping for a 3 way match with AJ Styles and John Cena, or a singles match with Bray Wyatt. I highly doubt anyone truly thought Dolph would be the one challenging for the title at SummerSlam.

When is the last time Dolph had a world title match ? The last time he held a world title he lost it to Del Rio at the Payback ppv in June of 2013, which would be over 3 years ago. I can’t recall a time he’s even challenged for a world title since. Three years removed from being a world title contender is a very long time.

Do they think anyone will buy that he has a chance to win this match ? It doesn’t seem very probable. Even the most optimistic of fans have to understand a person who has been a stepping stone for newcomers, and guys in the main event scene, needs some time to be made to look like a main event star again.

Would they really be willing to allow him to win ? He definitely has all the tools to be a world champion, but after years of wallowing in the mid-card he needs some marquee wins for people to buy him as a champion again. We all know matches are pre-determined in the WWE, but when things aren’t believable the product isn’t as interesting. As much as we may want to see Dolph win, it would be totally unbelievable to see him win the match, because if he were truly capable of winning then why hasn’t he had a world title match in 3 years ?

What are they going to do to make us think he has a chance to win this match ? Is there anything they can do to make us think he has a chance to win this match ? I don’t think so. I think it’s pretty clear they wanted someone who they knew would put on a good match with Dean, and make him look like a star. It’s pretty clear that Dean Ambrose is just a stepping for Dean, because WWE isn’t ready for him to lose the belt yet.

But wait, maybe that’s not true. What if they ran an angle where Dolph comes out every week talking about how he’s been held back by the authority for three years, and he knows he’s been ready for a long time to be a world champion again ? It would be a believable angle, considering how many people the authority has held back over the last few years. He needs to remind people that he is capable of winning this match.

If Dolph is going to get the win then he needs to turn heel. Dean Ambrose has thrived recently with this never say die attitude. He is the kind of guy who never quits and never gives up. He could keep that story going, while Dolph is the guy who tries and tries but just can’t get that three count. Frustration builds and builds over the course of the match, until Dolph finally resorts to some kind of cheating to win.

This wouldn’t be the worst story to tell, because Dolph was much more compelling as a heel, and his babyface character has gotten really stale. He doesn’t even have to cheat to win, he could just grab a chair and beat the crap out of Dean getting himself disqualified to continue the feud. Backlash is a perfect name to continue a feud with a very angry Dean Ambrose after having that happen to him at SummerSlam.

Either way they go they need to be careful how they tell the story of this feud if they want anyone to believe Dolph has a chance of beating Dean at the ppv. Here’s to hoping the WWE has crafted a good story for this match. This is one of the biggest ppv’s of the year, we don’t want to be disappointed.


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