How Should We Introduce The Cruiserweight Division On Raw 8-7-16

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The cruiserweight classic has been such a fun tournament so far. The whole presentation has been really unique, compared to traditional WWE broadcasts, and they could definitely borrow a lot from it in order to introduce the cruiserweight divison on Monday Night Raw. Let’s have some fun and discuss how we will introduce the cruiserweight division.

What do we want to accomplish here ? The cruiserweight classic would be a great model to go by while introducing the cruiserweight division to Monday Night Raw. The cruiserweight division has not been seen on WWE tv since September of 2007. They have finally decided to bring back the division, and everyone is excited. It would be difficult to inroduce a whole slew of new people, and it would be hard to have a division with few candidates already on the main roster, so maybe we should think about how we can introduce a whole division at one time.

Who do we have have on the main roster that we can use so far ?  We’re gonna throw out the weight limit idea right now since we don’t know if they will implement it on the main roster, and because anyone could lose weight if they needed to. On the Raw roster right now that could be put in the division are as follows: Sin Cara, and Neville. There are several other people who could be put there, but more than likely they’ll be higher up on the card. This shows you they need to introduce quite a few people.

Instead of having ten or more new guys randomly appear on Raw, they should take the cruiserweight classic and move it to Raw. This would allow them to introduce many new people, while also crowning a champion in an exciting fashion. The Cruiserweight Classic has been amazing so far, and having a second one with some new blood would be amazing too. They could, and should, start it after the Cruiserweight Classic is over, and have the finals be a part of a ppv.

What should we keep from the cruiserweight classic ? They are doing an excellent job introducing a slew of competitors most people haven’t ever seen before, or don’t know much about. These types of interviews would be a good way to introduce a bunch of new guys to Raw, while also allowing us to fall in love with their ring styles.

Would it be overkill to have another cruiserweight tournament so soon after the Cruiserweight Classic ? I don’t think it would be as long as it’s booked to be exciting, and having it crown the first Cruiserweight champion in a long time would give it exciting stakes.

Who should be the first Cruiserweight champion ? It should be Neville. He is a star in the making, and fits the mold of a cruiserweight so well. He’s been pretty much directionless since he joined the main roster, and since it’s obvious WWE has nothing for him to do right now this would be a great use of him to let his star rise. He deserves it.

What do you guys think ? How would you like for them to introduce the cruiserweight division to Raw ?


The Steve Austin Show Unleashed with Sean Waltman aka Xpac 8-11-16

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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. On today’s episode, Sean Waltman aka Xpac returns to the podcast. The last time he was on the podcast they had a good conversation, so you know this one will be good too. They will talk a little about Chyna, doping, and Sean’s new podcast. Let’s get to the show.

Austin starts the podcast off with another classic rant about people playing with their phones while driving. Apparently someone almost hit his wife because they were texting while driving. Austin is not a fan of Pokemon Go.

They talk about how proud they are of their background in pro wrestling, and they like to talk about pro wrestling on their podcasts, but there are also other sides of themselves. These guys hope people will want to listen to them talking about other things sometimes too.

Austin said he doesn’t like to talk bad about people anymore. He feels like if he doesn’t have anything nice to say he’ll just leave them out of the conversation. Sean agrees with Austin on that statement. Sean did say though he has a harder time with it sometimes.

Sean thinks people should forgive Roman Reigns for failing the wellness policy. We are all humans and make mistakes. They think it’s crazy that athletes will knowingly take things when they have so much to lose.

They think the culture is forcing everyone to lie about doping . Sean thinks 90% or more of athletes are doping. He doesn’t even think it’s cheating when everyone else is doing it. Austin thinks they should be able to take just a little bit.

They talk about how over Chyna got so quickly considering how green she was when she came in.

They talk a little about when a fan ran into the ring after Austin when he was wrestling HHH in Germany. People were mad when they took the guy out, but people don’t realize how dangerous a situation like that could have been. They tell stories about how back in the old days people would get stabbed by fans over heat.

A big reason why Chyna left the WWE was because she wanted a high dollar amount and Vince wasn’t willing to pay out. Sean said that’s not a hill he would have died on.

They talked about some of the things Chyna did when she got out of the WWE. She did some movies, did a celebrity boxing event, and did another cover photo for playboy. She also had a stint in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Sean had a break up right before he met Chyna for the first time in years. He doesn’t really know how he got with her it just happened. She was there to help him get over that break up.

He got played by The Surreal Life people. He brought some flowers to give to Chyna and they told him he should take them to the house and give them to her. He fell right into a trap. They chopped up the segment and made him look bad. They both had bad drug problems, and weren’t good influences on each other.

They both had the idea to make a sex tape. They were just looking to make money off it. He wanted to do it mainly to make her happy.They made 6 figures off it.

The first time he got bad hooked on pills was when he came to the WWF. Meth was the worst stuff he ever tried.

He got help one time from Vince and HHH, but he said he wasn’t ready for the help he was asking for. He would be getting messed up in rehab, and got kicked out as a result.

He has contemplated suicide before, but he doesn’t want to live like that anymore. He still smokes marijuana for medicinal reasons, but that’s about it.

Sean thought the Chyna memorial was done very well. She was cremated. Chyna became a mormon while she was in Japan. Sean said she was never really religious, but she was really searching for something.

Sean said he wouldn’t want to go into the WWE Hall of Fame if Chyna doesn’t go in. Austin said she should go in this year.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. They touched on a variety of topics that were very interesting, it is well worth a listen. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us next Tuesday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show. Feel free to comment and start debates below.

What did you guys think of today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed ? Does anyone agree or disagree with the comments on doping ? Does anyone have any other good Chyna stories to share ?

The Steve Austin Show with Braun Strowman 8-9-16

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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show. Today’s episode features current WWE superstar Braun Strowman. If you don’t know much about Braun, other than what you see on WWE programming, then this will be a good episode for you to watch. Let’s get to the show.

Austin said he has gotten his eating habits better again. He is also really focusing on his weight training. He advocates really focusing on your muscle groups when you are lifting weights.

He is going to have a podcast episode with Pat Patterson coming up, it should be a good one.

The biggest Braun Strowman has ever been is 415 pounds. He said it was a job just to be that big. Right now he walks around closer to 380. He is 6’8 tall. He was always a big guy.

His real name is Adam Scherr. He was born in Sherrills Ford, North Carolina. Now he lives in Orlando, Florida.

He played football in high school, but didn’t go to college because his grades weren’t good.

He did play semi-pro football, but without the college experience no pro team wanted to give him a look.

He didn’t lift a lot of weights when he was a teenager because his dad thought it would stunt his growth. He’s always considered himself country strong.

He was working security in Charlotte, North Carolina when he was younger. That was when he met another strongman and they invited him to give it a try. As a security guy, he always thought he was good at talking guys out of doing silly things.

He’s been on the road for about a year now. He said he eats at the restaurant Chipotle a lot. He might go eat there up to 5 times a week. He loads up on protein bars. He said he would get fat if he eats garbage.

585 is the most he’s ever bench pressed. He likes to do a lot of close grip exercises. He did strongman events for several years. He always thought he was a strong guy, but when he first started doing strongman competitions he realized how crazy strong some guys out there are. He’s the fastest American to start competing in strongman competitions and get his pro card.

He won nationals in 2011. He was nervous when he first started competing in strongman competitions, but he grew out of that.

He likes to listen to heavy stuff for motivation to compete such as: Metallica, Korn, Marilyn Manson. He’s also into listening to Mozart and Vince Lombardi speeches.

He flies coach, but it’s tough on him because of his size. Austin said it’s probably tougher on the person sitting next to him.

Braun is 32 years old now. He said competing in strongman competitions has definitely taken a toll on his body.

He has a girlfriend at home. He eats about 5 to 7 thousand calories a day. He hasn’t turned on his stove since he’s been on the road.

He said it’s a special feeling coming out on stage in WWE. He said it was good that he got to wear a mask in the beginning, because he was marking out like a six year old kid.

Mark Henry is the guy who helped Braun Strowman get into WWE. One thing that drew WWE to him was that he wouldn’t just lift the weight during competitions, he got the crowd riled up.

He has split with the Wyatt Family during the brand extension. He went to RAW while the rest of the family went to Smackdown Live. They changed his entrance, music, and look. He is still the same big bad Braun though.

He signed with WWE in May of 2013. He went into WWE very confident because he felt like he had a lot to offer. He does have an amateur wrestling background from High School.

When he started out in WWE, he did the same stuff everyone else does. He did a lot of stuff like bumping, rolling, running the ropes, etc. After the first week of practice he was terribly sore, he said he felt like a 90 year old man.

He feels like he couldn’t have been in a better spot when he got a chance to be in the Wyatt Family. It helped him a lot to have the opportunity to hone his craft while hiding some of his weaknesses.

He is so similar to Bray Wyatt, they had a special connection ever since they met. Bray wanted Braun to be a part of the family long before he was put into the family.

He was so nervous when he first debuted in WWE. He feels like he still has a lot to learn. He said he’s been lucky to work with Kane and Big Show on live events recently.

Right now WWE has told Braun to go out there and become a monster. They haven’t really tried establishing himself as a heel or a babyface. He prefers being a heel because it allows him to be something he’s not. He looks at it as more of a challenge.

Right now his finisher is a reverse chokeslam. He thinks the crowd reacts like he’s just killed someone when he uses it. He said he has some more things stashed away that he hasn’t used yet, but he wouldn’t tell us what they are.

He looks as Bray Wyatt as a big inspiration. They did everything together. He likes to watch matches of Bruiser Brody as references.

He doesn’t want to be a big lumbering giant. Austin said being a big lumbering giant isn’t entertaining.

He wants to eventually be a heavyweight champion. He doesn’t feel ready for that right now though.

He feels like this is what he was born to do. He can’t picture himself doing anything else. He lives for this now.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show. If you don’t know much about Braun Strowman then this is a great podcast for you. You get the opportunity to get to know him in a lot different light than you get to see on WWE programming right now. Hopefully they’ll give him a shot to talk more on WWE soon. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us this Thursday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed.

What did you guys think of today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show? Has anyone gained a new respect for Braun Strowman after listening to the podcast?

The Stone Cold Podcast WWE Network Special with Dean Ambrose 8-8-16

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Welcome everyone to another Stone Cold Podcast WWE Network Special. This time we have current WWE champion for the Smackdown Live Brand, Dean Ambrose. If you’ve seen Dean on WWE programming, then you know this will be an excellent conversation. Let’s get to the show.

Austin said before the podcast started they were talking about pick up trucks and country music. Austin said he was surprised about that, he was expecting Dean to be a grunge music scene kinda guy.

Dean said he likes all types of music. As far as country music goes, he is more of an old time country music kinda guy.

Dean is from Cincinnati, Ohio. His mom worked third shift when he was younger, which meant she slept all day. His dad worked out of state. He said he became very independent as a result. He had a sister who also became very independent because of that.

Dean thinks he had a happy childhood regardless of the circumstances. He was so proud to do well for himself, and to be able to pay off his moms house and have her quit her factory job.

Dean said he was excellent in school when he was in elementary school. Once he got a little older he stopped caring about school. He could still do well, he just didn’t care. He was the guy who thought he was smarter than all the teachers. He eventually dropped out of high school.

He said he was a wreck in high school, getting into stuff he shouldn’t have gotten into. He didn’t think it would be appropriate to talk about those things. His parents let him do his own thing. He’s a go with the flow kinda guy, he likes to let the wind take him where it takes him.

He wrestled and played football when he was in high school. He played both ways in football. It hurt him a lot that he didn’t go to class much, and didn’t make very good grades.

Dean started to explore the world of wrestling around 16, 17 years old. At that point that’s all he cared about. He doesn’t have a first memory of wrestling, he just can’t remember a time where wrestling wasn’t his favorite thing.

Bret Hart was the first guy he got into. He liked how cagey he was. He became obsessed with wrestling. He stole a bunch of wrestling videos and watched them constantly. He loved ECW.

Austin said he sees a little Terry Funk in Dean. He wasn’t Dean’s favorite guy, but he did like Terry, especially the ECW version of Terry.

When he first started training he was trained by an old school guy, so he had to learn things the old school way. The guy who owned the organization was Les Thatcher. He started there at 16 years old, so he had to pay a lot of dues by sweeping the floors, selling popcorn, etc.

He thinks he got really good really quick. He started off with a call it in the ring type of style, and he prefers it that way. He doesn’t incorporate much amateur wrestling into his wrestling style because that’s just not his personality.

There were plenty of times where he came close to just wanting to quit because of a lack of opportunities to be successful in the business, but he said those failures helped propel him to the next level.

He feels like he really took off when he started just being himself. He would say whatever he wanted and do whatever he wanted. It was about 5 years into his career that he developed that attitude. WWE was the ultimate goal from the start.

Joey Mercury helped give him a shot in WWE. When he got a call for the first time he thought it was a joke. He was pumped when he found out it was real. He decided he was going to go down there and just be him whether it works or not.

He started in WWE at their developmental territory FCW. Dusty Rhodes was the booker of the territory. He had two programs with William Regal and Seth Rollins that he thinks, from a creative standpoint, were some of the best stuff he’s ever done.

He thought it was a myth that WWE gave you scripted promos. He was surprised to find out that was real. He thinks he’s a good talker, as long as he can talk off the dome, but he’s not good at memorizing lines. He doesn’t like scripted promos. He’s gotten to the point where Vince tells him he can pretty much say what he wants.

There have been plenty of times where he had a chip on his shoulder. He was determined to be a pro wrestler no matter what. Nowadays he doesn’t think he has a chip on his shoulder as much. That doesn’t mean he’s complacent, he’s still confident.

The formation of a shield was all organic. There were all friends to begin with. Originally they were going to be goons for CM Punk, but that never came to pass. There was no leader in the group, there were just three alpha males. They came in with the idea to beat the crap out of everyone, who cares what people think.

Dean doesn’t think they broke up the shield to fast, he thought it was perfect timing. He thinks they got as high as they could, and it was time to move on.

When the shield broke up, Dean was the last one to get a shot to hold the world title. Knowing that going in, he was determined to be the babyface WWE didn’t want.

Dean loves how he has a platform to inspire and help people. He considers it an honor to be in that position.

When he wrestled Brock Lesnar last WrestleMania, he walked to the ring pissed off. He was determined to make that match the craziest thing imaginable, but Brock didn’t want to do much artistically.

To Dean, the WWE championship means an opportunity to help and inspire. It also means he should do what he does.

He has a great relationship with Vince McMahon. He finds Vince very easy to talk to. He said he’s Vince McMahon’s favorite wrestler, even though Vince won’t admit it.

Dean loves the brand extension. He likes the fact that there’s more opportunity for guys, and less over-exposure. It also gives everyone an extra day off at home.

Austin challenges Dean to raise the bar, go out on a limb, take more chances, be more edgy, etc. Austin has seen him push the envelope back in the day, and he wants to see more of it now.

This concludes the WWE Network Stone Cold Podcast Special. This was a great look at the life of Dean Ambrose. If you want to learn more about him then watch this special, it was very entertaining. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us tomorrow for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show.

What did you guys think of the network special? Does anyone have a new respect for Dean Ambrose after watching the podcast?

The Steve Austin Show Unleashed with CT Fletcher 8-4-16

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – You can check this out every Tuesday/Thursday on, along with other good wrestling articles/news. Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.

Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Today’s episode features bodybuilder CT Fletcher. They will talk about WWE, 10 commandments of muscle growth, and other things. Let’s get to the show.

Austin had a doctors appointment recently, but he showed up four hours early on accident. They told him they’d try and work him in as quick as they could, so instead of driving the 8 minutes home he stayed and awaited. He instantly regretted that decision as he had to sit there and wait for 2 and a half hours.

CT Fletcher is 57 years old. He has been lifting weights for a long time.

He has done about 5 low budget movies. One movie they made with about 500 dollars.

He’ll be doing a fight scene in a movie with Bill Goldberg soon. In the movie, he was given lines by the writers, but he was given the permission to CT Fletcherize the lines.

CT has always thought he was a good trash talker. They talk about how important it is to be a good wrestler, but you gotta be able to make people care about you. If you can’t talk it’s hard to get anywhere in wrestling.

CT said Bill Goldberg called him up one day randomly asking him to be on his podcast, and he was shocked.

Austin wants to train with CT, but he can’t right now because of his injury.

CT challenges Austin to a no holds barred and uncensored wrestling promo. Austin said they need to be a tag team.

CT has a 71′ Black Corvette, and a candy apple red Corvette that are really nice. Those are just a few of the cars he has. His greatest pleasure is to be able to walk out in the parking lot and say these cars are his. He doesn’t drive them much. His dream car, that he doesn’t own, is a Mercedes-Benz uhlenhaut coupe. He is a car nut.

He has the 10 commandments of muscle growth. One of them is to train your mind harder than your body. Eventually your body will fail, but you will never lose your willpower if you train it right.

Another commandment is you should never accept another persons limitation. They don’t know you, and can’t tell you what you can’t do.

Pain is essential. Anything that comes with great reward comes with some pain. If you work out for an hour and a half and you don’t feel pain then you haven’t done anything.

Listen to your body. Don’t just go through the motions, you should visualize what you want the body part you’re working out to look like.

Don’t let your body adapt. Constantly change your routine up.

Multiple angles are essential to growth. Change up the angles when working the same body part.

Learn the meaning of overload. You put a little bit more on than your max.

Become obsessed. If you want to be the best at anything you do you have to become obsessed with it.

Never become satisfied. Satisfaction is the enemy of progress.

CT recently go into boxing. Boxing has always been his favorite sport. He’s trying to get in shape for his fight scene he has coming up.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. This was a really funny episode. He has a NSFW quote from a movie he was in that was hilarious. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us Tuesday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show. Feel free to comment below and start discussions.

What did you guys think about today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed ? Does anyone have any good CT Fletcher stories ?

The Steve Austin Show with Ricky Morton 8-2-16

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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show. Today’s guest is former pro wrestler Ricky Morton. Ricky was one half of the infamous tag team the Rock N Roll Express. They will talk about various wrestling topics. Let’s get to the show.

Austin was racking his brain about who he would talk to for his podcast today. He said he was watching a high speed car chase on tv, and somehow he started thinking about Ricky Morton. He called up Ricky, with no intention of doing a podcast, and after hanging up, he decided he would call Ricky back up to do a podcast with him today. Ricky had originally asked Austin to plug his wrestling school on Austin’s podcast, so Austin decided to have him on to talk about it himself.

Austin really puts over Ricky as one of the best sellers and promo guys in all of wrestling history. He said there is no-one better to learn the pro wrestling game from than Ricky Morton.

Ricky Morton’s school of wrestling is called School of Morton. It is located in Chuckey, Tennessee, which is located east of Knoxville close to the North Carolina border.

Ricky trains people on Tuesdays and Sundays. You pay 250 down, and ten dollars a day. He has guys from multiple states coming to train there. He thinks his price is really reasonable compared to a lot of wrestling schools.

He loves the location of his wrestling school. He said Chuckey, Tennessee is a super small place, so it’s easy to find his school.

Ricky starts off making sure people are in shape. He says you can’t even do the simplest things in the ring if you aren’t in shape. He always starts teaching the basics, like arm drags, back bumps, rope running, headlocks, etc.

Ricky sounds like he’s a good ol’ country boy. He definitely has a strong southern accent. He thinks it’s important to teach his students to be polite.

He thinks what makes a good babyface is that you can work with anyone. Selling is what really got him over with the crowd.

Ricky got his first big break with Bill Watts. He got into a tag team called the Rock N Roll Express. They had great matches with the Midnight Express.

Ricky always worked the pro style as a wrestler. Even though he was only 175 pounds, he never worked the crazy cruiserweight style. As a pro style, he focused on certain body parts.

He never had any major injuries. Sure he had some smaller scale injuries, but he never had any major surgeries. He still wrestles to this day.

Ricky thinks people who take a lot of high risks are more prone to injuries. He thinks you need to take care of each other in the ring.

He teaches people that they need to go with the flow. Sometimes you need to go fast, and sometimes you need to go slow.

He talked about how back in the day you never saw a heel hanging out with a babyface in public.

You can tell both guys have a lot of respect for Ric Flair. They both put over Ric as one of the greatest. They said he really lived his gimmick.

Austin thinks the reason Ricky Morton’s promos were so great because you could tell he really meant what he said.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show with former pro wrestler Ricky Morton. If you love wrestling then you will truly enjoy this podcast. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us this Thursday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Feel free to comment and start discussions below.

What did you guys think about today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show ? Is anyone interested in checking out Ricky’s school now ?

Best Direction For Kevin Owens 8-1-16

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.

Kevin Owens has been losing a lot lately. He lost out on the chance to fight for the new Universal Championship at SummerSlam. He lost to Sami Zayn at BattleGround. He lost in the Money in the Bank match in June. He was even picked way lower than he should have been during the draft, which really made him mad. Where is all this leading to ?

Kevin Owens is a main event talent, and he should be treated as such. Look back to his debut matches against John Cena last year and you’ll see a talent that is primed to be a perennial main event player. He has resided in the upper midcard, and even won a few midcard titles, in his year on the main roster, but he has largely lost the matches he has had against the resident main eventers.

He has been in a months long feud with Sami Zayn, pretty much since Sami has joined the main roster early this year. That feud is finally over, for now, and needs to be the launching point for Kevin Owens to join the main event scene. Yes, he lost to Sami Zayn, but he can use all these losses to fuel his rise in stardom. How are we going to accomplish that ?

Kevin Owens is at his best as a dominant force, ala Brock Lesnar. He should use all these losses recently as a fuel to turn him crazy and send him on a path of destruction, destroying everyone in his way. He showed great anger at being picked so low in the draft, and that is the exactly the Kevin Owens we need to see now.

It would be awesome to see him interfere in the Seth Rollins, Finn Balor match at SummerSlam and destroy them both. This would announce him as a force to be reckoned with, and let him join the championship scene that he belongs in. Kevin Owens will be a world champion before next WrestleMania, and you can count on that.