How Should We Introduce The Cruiserweight Division On Raw 8-7-16

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 Follow me on twitter so you don’t miss any of my articles. I post podcast recaps and original content daily.

The cruiserweight classic has been such a fun tournament so far. The whole presentation has been really unique, compared to traditional WWE broadcasts, and they could definitely borrow a lot from it in order to introduce the cruiserweight divison on Monday Night Raw. Let’s have some fun and discuss how we will introduce the cruiserweight division.

What do we want to accomplish here ? The cruiserweight classic would be a great model to go by while introducing the cruiserweight division to Monday Night Raw. The cruiserweight division has not been seen on WWE tv since September of 2007. They have finally decided to bring back the division, and everyone is excited. It would be difficult to inroduce a whole slew of new people, and it would be hard to have a division with few candidates already on the main roster, so maybe we should think about how we can introduce a whole division at one time.

Who do we have have on the main roster that we can use so far ?  We’re gonna throw out the weight limit idea right now since we don’t know if they will implement it on the main roster, and because anyone could lose weight if they needed to. On the Raw roster right now that could be put in the division are as follows: Sin Cara, and Neville. There are several other people who could be put there, but more than likely they’ll be higher up on the card. This shows you they need to introduce quite a few people.

Instead of having ten or more new guys randomly appear on Raw, they should take the cruiserweight classic and move it to Raw. This would allow them to introduce many new people, while also crowning a champion in an exciting fashion. The Cruiserweight Classic has been amazing so far, and having a second one with some new blood would be amazing too. They could, and should, start it after the Cruiserweight Classic is over, and have the finals be a part of a ppv.

What should we keep from the cruiserweight classic ? They are doing an excellent job introducing a slew of competitors most people haven’t ever seen before, or don’t know much about. These types of interviews would be a good way to introduce a bunch of new guys to Raw, while also allowing us to fall in love with their ring styles.

Would it be overkill to have another cruiserweight tournament so soon after the Cruiserweight Classic ? I don’t think it would be as long as it’s booked to be exciting, and having it crown the first Cruiserweight champion in a long time would give it exciting stakes.

Who should be the first Cruiserweight champion ? It should be Neville. He is a star in the making, and fits the mold of a cruiserweight so well. He’s been pretty much directionless since he joined the main roster, and since it’s obvious WWE has nothing for him to do right now this would be a great use of him to let his star rise. He deserves it.

What do you guys think ? How would you like for them to introduce the cruiserweight division to Raw ?


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