The Steve Austin Show with Rob Van Dam 10-13-16

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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Today’s guest is former WWE, TNA, and ECW star RVD. He is sure to have a lot of good stories. Let’s get to the action.

Austin recently made a trip to the dentist to get his teeth cleaned. He had been putting it off for a long time, but his wife finally made him go. Now he is an advocate for getting your teeth cleaned by a professional.

They have known each other professionally for a long time, but they don’t really know each other personally. RVD said he knows Stone Cold the character better than Stone Cold the person. They never traveled together or hung out or anything.

RVD always wants to better himself spiritually. He wants to be a better person every day. He likes to work on his flaws. He said his passion for wrestling has lessened as a result of his values changing.

Back when he was the main attraction at ECW, he really thought he was the whole f’in show, it wasn’t just a catchphrase. He now believes that version of himself was very cocky and arrogant, he doesn’t want to be that way anymore.

He had a lot of freedom to express himself, or do whatever he wanted, in ECW.

In ECW they really beat the crap out of each other. At that time, he considered WWE the disney-fied version of pro wrestling. He went to WWE for the money and the business, not for the art of pro wrestling.

Sabu was his mentor. During those times, he would do anything Sabu said for him to do.

In high school he played a lot of sports, but he never played them for very long. No-one saw him as a great athlete. He tried high school wrestling, but he quit because his coach wanted him to cut a lot of weight, his goal was to gain a lot of weight.

In 1997 he was shocked when Taz called him the greatest athlete amongst pro wrestlers. He knew he was a good athlete, but didn’t think he was the best. This inspired him to up the ante on his athletic feats.

He had an academic talent. He had a scholarship to Michigan State, but he didn’t go to go to wrestling school. He was trained by The Sheik. There weren’t many people at The Sheik’s school because it was so brutal, they really beat the crap out of each other.

Nowadays a lot of people are taught safety first, but The Sheik would teach them to protect the business first. He said you could go through his whole school and not realize wrestling is a work.

He was taught when he was in the locker room that he was one of the boys, not a fan. He was told to never ask for autographs, and to never do more than shake someones hand and introduce yourself.

RVD believes there would be much less conflict in the world if people just accepted each others values regardless if they are different.

RVD is a non-conformist. He’s just out there being himself.

He doesn’t listen to a lot of music, but he does like to listen to electronic dance music and reggae because it brings positive vibes out of him.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us next Tuesday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show. Also, don’t forget to check out the rest of the website for other excellent news and articles. Feel free to comment and start discussions below.

What did you guys think of today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed ? Do you guys have any critiques of today’s writing ? What are your favorite RVD stories or moments ?


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