The Steve Austin Show with Jesse Ventura 10-18-16

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Welcome everyone to another episode of The Steve Austin Show. Today’s guest is former WWF superstar Jesse Ventura. He is making the rounds right now promoting his new book, Marijuana Manifesto. They will talk about this book in the second part of the podcast, this one will focus more on his life and wrestling. Let’s get to the action.

Jesse still runs on the treadmill almost everyday, and he still lifts weights.

For four months a year, Jesse goes to Mexico and lives off the grid.

Jesse is not in favor of the wall that Trump has talked about building between the US and Mexico.

Jesse has been married since 1975, and he truly loves her.

Jesse said he has always had the gift of gab. He believes he got it from his dad.

He said Vince McMahon booted him out of WWE because he wouldn’t sell his likeness to Vince. He then went to WCW for the money, because they paid him big money.

Austin said Jesse always treated him well in WCW. Jesse said it was because he liked him and saw a lot of talent in him. Austin said he never forgot that.

The reason why Vince never brings Jesse back for WrestleMania or anything is because he owes Jesse royalties and would end up having to keep paying him a lot for the appearances.

Jesse thinks being in the Navy prepared him for pro wrestling, and pro wrestling prepared him for being in politics.

Jesse used to listen to Superstar Billy Graham religiously to prepare himself for cutting promos.

This concludes today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show. Thanks guys for reading. Check back with us this Thursday for the next episode of The Steve Austin Show Unleashed. Also, don’t forget to peruse the rest of the website for other excellent articles and news. Feel free to comment and start discussions below.

What did you guys think of today’s episode of The Steve Austin Show ? Do you guys have any critiques of today’s writing ? Does anyone want to go read Jesse’s book now ?


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