Top 25 NBA Players

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on twitter.

The guys on Inside the NBA are slowly releasing their list of the top 25 NBA players, so I decided to do the same to see how I’d match up. My main criteria is who I would want to take if I could have anyone for this current season, not for the future. Here we go !

1. Lebron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Kawhi Leonard
4. Steph Curry
5. Anthony Davis
6. Russ Westbrook
7. James Harden
8. Klay Thompson
9. Chris Paul
10. John Wall
11. Kyrie Irving
12. Draymond Green
13. Jimmy Butler
14. Paul George
15. Blake Griffin
16. Marc Gasol
17. Isaiah Thomas
18. Damian Lillard
19. Kevin Love
20. Demarcus Cousins
21. Deandre Jordan
22. Demar Derozan
23. Gordon Hayward
24. Carmelo Anthony
25. Dwyane Wade

This is my list. If you have any questions or debates feel free to comment and question my picks, I will respond and explain.