The James Dolan Dilemma

                              By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

Guys seriously, if we’re going to complain about James Dolan always meddling with the Knicks, then let’s give him some credit for letting Phil Jackson, a guy with a lot of basketball experience, run the Knicks.

If we crush him for meddling, and then crush him for staying away, then what do we expect him to do ?

You can’t turn a team around in a year, let’s give it some time. Everyone makes mistakes along the way.


The Lakers Patience For Once Will Be Good For Them

                             By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

The Lakers have won a championship in every decade since the 1940’s, except for in the 1960’s and the 1990’s. They’ve also won multiple championships in 3 of those decades to add up to 16, the second most in NBA history. It’s understandable why the Lakers wouldn’t want to be patient and throw all their chips in the middle as soon as they can so they can start competing again, because they practically always have, but that’s not the right course of action right now. Here’s why.

The Golden State Warriors will loom for awhile.

This Golden State team, barring any unforeseeable circumstance, is going to be a juggernaut for the next couple years at the least. Why mortgage your future for a small chance at beating the Warriors. It would be different if we knew for sure several of the top ten superstars in the NBA today were going to join the Lakers, and they had a way to sign them all, but for now all we know is Paul George wants to join, and that won’t be enough to unseat the Warriors.

You need as many weapons as possible in today’s NBA.

Lebron James averaged a 30+ point triple double in this past NBA Finals, the first time a triple double was ever averaged in the Finals, and it was only good enough to steal one game. The Cavs supposedly had a big 3, 3 of the better players in the league, along with the best player in the league, and they barely competed with the Warriors. The Lakers need to keep as many assets as possible because they will need as many good players as they can have.

Key to the Warriors Success?

The reason they were able to get more all stars than most teams is because they had great players on cheaper deals, allowing them to have the money to sign more great players. They did this by finding great players through the draft and developing them together as a team. Developing players when they’re young allows you to build them together as a team, and that’s exactly what the Warriors did.

Is this model guaranteed to work for the Lakers ?

No it isn’t. We don’t know for sure if any of the young Lakers will ever develop into anything special, but we do know being patient and waiting to see if they develop is their best option. It’s pretty certain that Paul George will come next year without the Lakers having to give up anybody, so if they can develop any of these guys, along with Paul George, they will be attractive to other free agents in the next few years.

Having a young core means a longer lasting window for championships, which the Warriors are reveling in right now. Imagine if Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram turn out to be special in about 3 years, along with Paul George and a free agent get, could spell a future Warriors like run.

Be patient, see what you got, worst case they don’t develop and you can pick again in the lottery for another shot in the next few years, that’s better than mortgaging your future for stars of today that still won’t be good enough to compete with the Warriors today, or what the Sixers and Celtics are building in the future.

What do you guys think ? Debate me.

James Ellsworth Is Ms Money In The Bank ?

                               By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

Last Sunday at the Money in the Bank ppv, James Ellsworth grabbed the womens’ briefcase and tossed it to Carmella. Let’s answer a few current questions.

Is this bad for the current state of women’s wrestling ?

This is an emphatic NO. The state of women’s wrestling is miles ahead of where it was a few years ago. They are getting longer matches, more prominent spots on the card, and countless first time, making history, matches, so let’s stop complaining about every little thing like the state of women’s wrestling is still what it was 5 years ago.

Why would they have James Ellsworth be the one to grab the belt ?

This is a very heel thing to do. You aren’t supposed to like what happened, and the fact that you don’t is why it’s a good heel move. There are to many “cool” heels right now that get cheered, it’s nice to have a heel that does things everyone hates.

Carmella isn’t a star yet, and now people are talking about her; that’s a good thing. She also is the one person in that match that needed to cheat to win. She is a heel, that’s what heels do. Go watch wrestling history and you will find many instances of a heel champion that cheats to win almost every time.

It is also a new spin on something they have done before. They’ve had people that aren’t in the match interrupt and help someone in the match win, but they’ve never had someone actually grab the briefcase for someone, so they’re doing something different. It got a lot of people talking, and that is a win.

Why was this such a great move ?

The biggest reason reason this was a great move is because it created CONTROVERSY. The more people talking about it means the more exposure they’re getting. The more exposure they’re getting the more potential people are going to want to watch. They definitely need that considering where ratings have been for awhile now.

We’re getting another money in the bank match next week ? How is that a bad thing ?

James Ellsworth is not Ms money in the bank, but his involvement was a smart decision by WWE.

Keep trying new things and get people talking, that’s what we want.

What do you guys think ? What are your opinions on this controversy ? Debate me.

Dwight Howard Traded Again ?

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

I get why Atlanta traded Dwight Howard. They are ready to rebuild, and his window isn’t going to fit a rebuild, so why not go ahead and move on from him. Getting worse is key for a rebuild as it will potentially net them a higher draft pick. I just hope that’s really the best deal they could get, because they really traded him for nothing. A higher draft pick would have been more ideal.

It’s sad that Dwight’s star has really fallen this far, but that’s how it goes sometimes. His athleticism has declined, and his unwillingness to evolve, or honestly play to his strengths, has made his star fall even faster.

This really isn’t a terrible deal for Charlotte. Charlotte doesn’t get very good free agents, and they’re to good to get a high draft pick, so getting better isn’t an easy thing for them to do.

Dwight isn’t the player he used to be, but he could still be an effective player in this league, especially in the right system. I’m not saying they’re winning a championship next year, but they are definitely a better team after this trade, and small steps that make you a better team can add up to making you a championship caliber team.

If they can get Dwight to be the team leader in rebounding and defense, and be a lethal pick and roll roll man with Kemba, then they could have a really good player for their team.

Now you have Kemba, Dwight, and Batum, which isn’t a bad core to build around defensively and offensively. You have the 11th pick in a decently deep draft, along with Kidd-Gilchrist and Frank Kaminsky who are decent young players to look at. It’s not a bad core to start with for a small market team.

What do you guys think ? What are your opinions on this trade ? Debate me.

Trading Kristaps Porzingis ? For Real ?

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?
Let me start with saying there is no-one in this draft I wouldn’t trade for Kristaps, he is that good. Not saying there’s a chance someone in this draft could end up being better than Kristaps in the future, because we can’t read the future, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

He is a 7’3 guy that can play in today’s NBA. He can shoot the 3, guard the perimeter, and the paint. He looks like he could be Dirk Nowitzki that plays much better defense and has better handles.

He looks like a franchise player, if not the best player on a championship team then definitely the second best player on a championship team. He is the kind of player you can build a team around. He is the kind of player that teams have to strategize to beat.

He’s only 21 years old, and he averaged last year 18.1 points, 7.2 rebounds, 1.5 assists, .7 steals, and 2 blocks a game, while shooting 45% from the field and 35.7% from 3. Dirk, in his second season, averaged 17.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.5 assists, .8 steals, and .8 blocks a game, while shooting 49.1% from the field and 37.9% from 3. Pretty similar trajectory.

Bleacher Report recently ranked him the 2nd best player under 21 in the NBA right now, and the 6th best player under 25. The only guy his age I might want more than him is Karl-Anthony Towns, and I don’t think the separation is so big now to say Kristaps couldn’t be better in the long run.

If the reason why we’re trading him is because there is a problem with him then understand that this is the kind of guy you fix things with. He is one of the best young talents in the league right now. Dirk ended up being a top 50 player, hall of famer, and NBA champion, if you can get the same from Kristaps then he is worth keeping.

What do you guys think ? Is there anyone in the NBA you would trade him for straight up ? I’m not talking about trading him for a king’s ransom. Debate me.

Magic Johnson Is Magic So Far

By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on twitter.

Today Magic traded D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov for the 27th pick in this years draft and Brook Lopez. Let’s analyze why this is a great trade for the Lakers, and a good trade for the Nets as well.

Lets start with the Nets. Brook Lopez was entering the last year of his contract, and while nobody knows for sure, a betting man would bet he wasn’t going to return to a team with no chance of competing for many years, especially considering he’s already 29 years old.

The Nets don’t have the draft picks over the next few years to get a star, so trading a guy, who was going to leave anyways, for a guy who could be a star in the future, is the best case scenario for them. Taking on the contract of Timofey Mozgov is irrelevant, they aren’t going to be good until after his contract is up anyways.

Now lets get to the Lakers. The Lakers needed to move D’Angelo Russell if they are going to take Lonzo Ball in the draft, and all signs point to them doing just that, so getting a guy of Brook Lopez stature while also getting out from under Timofey Mozgovs’ terrible contract is great for the Lakers.

You can only keep so many young players if your goal is to clear enough cap space for 2 max guys, like Lebron James and Paul George, so somebody has to go. Word is that the Lakers are high on Brandon Ingram and whomever they pick in this years draft with the second pick, so that means everyone is fair game. The Lakers are ready to start competing again, they don’t want to wait another 4-5 years for all these young guys to develop.

Brook Lopez is a good piece for the Lakers in the future. This guy can score, and he can space the floor, which makes him a good fit in today’s NBA. He is the kind of guy who can punish the Warriors down low, which is a concern for any team right now. He also could be signed for less money than he makes right now in his next contract, hypothetically, which would make his contributions even more valuable.

Getting out from under Timofey Mozgovs’ contract is a great thing for the Lakers. This allows them more cap space in the next few years so they can go after guys like Paul George and Lebron James. They could even let Brook Lopez walk in order to have more cap space.

The 27th pick could end up being more than another young player, it could be a way to get Paul George now. Normally a team could get a kings’ ransom for a guy like Paul George, but considering he’s already stated he’s leaving, the Pacers don’t have a lot of leverage. Getting the 27th and the 28th picks in this years draft, along with Jordan Clarkson and and/or Julius Randle, might be the best they can get right now. In order to match salaries, the Lakers might also be able to get rid of their other terrible contract in Luol Deng.

The only negative for the Lakers is they may be giving up on a potential star in D’Angelo Russell a little to soon, but sometimes you have to give up good talent in order to move forward and get great talent. Plus, Magic Johnson was a point guard, so I trust his judgement when it comes to other point guards.

This is just a start, but so far Magic Johnson is doing a great job towards moving the Lakers back towards respectability a lot faster than a lot of us expected. Let’s see what’s next.

What do you guys think of the job Magic has done so far ? Debate me.