James Ellsworth Is Ms Money In The Bank ?

                               By Byron Evans – @Bevans1985 – Follow me on Twitter.

                                                          What Is Byron Thinking ?

Last Sunday at the Money in the Bank ppv, James Ellsworth grabbed the womens’ briefcase and tossed it to Carmella. Let’s answer a few current questions.

Is this bad for the current state of women’s wrestling ?

This is an emphatic NO. The state of women’s wrestling is miles ahead of where it was a few years ago. They are getting longer matches, more prominent spots on the card, and countless first time, making history, matches, so let’s stop complaining about every little thing like the state of women’s wrestling is still what it was 5 years ago.

Why would they have James Ellsworth be the one to grab the belt ?

This is a very heel thing to do. You aren’t supposed to like what happened, and the fact that you don’t is why it’s a good heel move. There are to many “cool” heels right now that get cheered, it’s nice to have a heel that does things everyone hates.

Carmella isn’t a star yet, and now people are talking about her; that’s a good thing. She also is the one person in that match that needed to cheat to win. She is a heel, that’s what heels do. Go watch wrestling history and you will find many instances of a heel champion that cheats to win almost every time.

It is also a new spin on something they have done before. They’ve had people that aren’t in the match interrupt and help someone in the match win, but they’ve never had someone actually grab the briefcase for someone, so they’re doing something different. It got a lot of people talking, and that is a win.

Why was this such a great move ?

The biggest reason reason this was a great move is because it created CONTROVERSY. The more people talking about it means the more exposure they’re getting. The more exposure they’re getting the more potential people are going to want to watch. They definitely need that considering where ratings have been for awhile now.

We’re getting another money in the bank match next week ? How is that a bad thing ?

James Ellsworth is not Ms money in the bank, but his involvement was a smart decision by WWE.

Keep trying new things and get people talking, that’s what we want.

What do you guys think ? What are your opinions on this controversy ? Debate me.


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